What is IEPF?

Investor Education and Protection Fund, also known as IEPF, is a government organization that was established under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) to raise public awareness. It serves as a centralized fund manager for all unclaimed corporate investments, including unclaimed shares, dividends, matured deposits, interest on debentures, and other corporate benefits that are due to shareholders or bondholders.

The Investor Education and Protection Fund Authority is the principal governing body responsible for deciding and managing claims relating to unclaimed investments in corporate entities that have been transferred to the IEPF.

What is Transferred to IEPF ?

Why are my investments transferred to IEPF?

There could be multiple reasons why this could happen, some of them are as follows –


How can you know if there are unclaimed funds in your name.?

Being ignorant of investments made long ago by him or under the names of their elderly or deceased family members is the main issue an investor faces.

Recoversy has addressed this issue by giving investors a straightforward search tool that allows them to look for unclaimed investments using only their name and address without the use of long, obscure folio numbers or company names.

Don’t be discouraged if you can’t discover investments on the aforementioned platform; simply fill out this form with your information, and a member of our team will search for investments and get in touch with you.

Can you claim these holdings?

You very certainly can. There is currently no set deadline by which these holdings must be claimed; instead, they may be done at any time by presenting evidence of investments and the supporting paperwork.

What documents might be needed to claim you might ask?

Well, that depends on case to case basis and usually would involve the basis set of documents as follows –

One might choose our services, where we handle the entire process and documentation and only bother you for a few signatures, as opposed to going crazy over the procedure and documentation.

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