About us


Our Moto - Ease your Recovery

At Recoversy, we come to the office every day to solve one of the biggest problems investors face once they lose track of their investments.

  • How will I be able to find and recover back my investments?
  • Did my parents (loved ones) had some investments which I am unaware of?
  • Have I recovered the complete value of investments, is there anything unclaimed?

We make sure you don’t face this dilemma & even if you do forget, we will search and bring back your investments. We don’t take you up as a client, we take your investment as ours and we definitely make sure we get back our every penny.

No matter what!

How much have we Recovered?

100 + Cr ₹
Investment amount found by investors on our portal
1 +Cr ₹
Value of Shares Recovered from IEPF

We strive daily and help investors claim back their lost and unclaimed investments from the IEPF Authority

1 + Cr ₹
Unclaimed Mutual funds and Bank accounts

Recoversy has helped investors and their successors get back the unclaimed mutual fund units and bank accounts.

1 +Cr ₹
Physical shares dematerialised

Recoversy has helped tens of investors resolve their issues with physical shares and get them dematerialized.