Unclaimed shares of Reliance Industries Limited

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) emerged in 1957 in Mumbai, India, under the visionary leadership of Dhirubhai Ambani. Over the years, it has become a multi-industry giant, wielding significant power across diverse sectors. Today, Mukesh Ambani, his son, leads the company.

The Ambani family holds roughly half of RIL’s shares, demonstrating their deep investment in the company. This translates into a diverse range of operations, including energy, petrochemicals, natural gas, retail, telecommunications, mass media, and textiles. This diversification isn’t just a point of pride. It showcases RIL’s extensive portfolio and underscores its robust presence in crucial industries, where it plays a vital role in contributing to India’s economic landscape.

Amongst India’s public companies, RIL reigns supreme, claiming the top spot in both market capitalization and revenue. However, its influence extends far beyond national borders, evident from its impressive 88th position on the esteemed World’s Largest Companies list.

The text emphasizes that RIL’s success is rooted in a trifecta of strategic choices: diversification, innovation, and a commitment to fostering growth. This unwavering dedication has positioned RIL as a pivotal player, actively shaping the course of India’s industrial and economic trajectory.

reliance industries limited

Company Details

Registered NameReliance Industries Limited
CIN NumberL17110MH1973PLC019786
ISIN NumberINE002A01018
BSE Code500325
Registered OfficeMakers Chamber IV, 3rd Floor, 222 Nariman Point, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400021
Registrar DetailsKfin Technologies Ltd, Karvy Selenium Tower B, Plot 31-32, Gachibowli, Finance District, Nanakramguda, Hyedrabad, Telangana, 500032

Dividend's History of Reliance Industries Ltd.

Displaying a consistent dividend history from 2001 to 2023, reflecting financial stability. Dividend payments during this period showcased the company’s commitment to rewarding shareholders and sustaining growth.

Ex Dividend DateDividend TypeDividend %Dividend ₹


Reliance Industries Ltd. has consistently demonstrated its commitment to shareholder value by generously rewarding investors, exemplified by the issuance of bonuses on four occasions, a testament to the company’s robust financial performance and dedication to fostering mutual prosperity.

Ex Bonus DateBonus
30-11-19833 Shares per 5 Shares Held
27-10-19971 Share per 1 Share Held
26-11-20091 Share per 1 Share Held
07-09-20171 Share per 1 Share Held


Reliance Industries Ltd. while consistently delivering value to its investors, has notably refrained from implementing stock splits, underscoring the company’s confidence in its sustained growth trajectory and the management’s strategic approach to maintaining the integrity of its share structure.

Mergers / Amalgamations

Through a series of strategic mergers, Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) solidified its position in the petroleum and petrochemical sectors. These mergers involved Reliance Petroleum Ltd., Reliance Petrochemical Corp. Ltd., Reliance Polyethylene Ltd., and Reliance Polypropylene Ltd. Consequently, this consolidation strengthened the company’s market position and improved its overall operational efficiency.

By consolidating these entities, RIL fortified its presence in the aforementioned sectors. The integration not only streamlined operations but also enhanced operational efficiency and created synergies across the conglomerate. As a result, the move positioned RIL as a powerhouse in the industry, capitalizing on a comprehensive portfolio and fostering sustained growth.

Furthermore, this strategic consolidation went beyond optimizing resources. It demonstrated the company’s commitment to leveraging economies of scale and maximizing value for both shareholders and the broader market.

In a recent move, Reliance Industries Limited demerged its financial services division from the parent company. This was achieved by issuing 1 share of Jio Financial Services Limited to each shareholder of Reliance Industries Limited for every 1 share they held.

Physical Shares of Reliance Industries Ltd. (Non - Demat)

Many shareholders retain physical stock certificates as tangible representations of their ownership in companies. Despite the digitalization of financial markets, some investors value the traditional format, often necessitating manual processes for transactions, transfers, and record-keeping. 

The following details pertain to the physical shares encompassing stock certificates and associated ownership records in non-digital form. The values are calculated according to  March 2023.

Number of Shareholders36,39,348
Percentage of Physical Shares1.56%

Unclaimed Shares and Dividends of Reliance Industries Ltd. transferred to IEPF

IEPF stands for Investor Education and Protection Fund. It is a fund in India that was established by the government to promote investor awareness and protection. The primary purpose of the IEPF is to safeguard the interests of investors and ensure the proper utilization of unclaimed dividends, matured deposits, and other funds lying with companies for the specified period.

Exhibiting financial prudence by transferring a substantial sum of unclaimed dividends, amounting to  ₹327.24 Crores, to the Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF) by March 31, 2023. This responsible action ensures the protection of shareholder interests and compliance with regulatory guidelines for unclaimed financial assets.

The unclaimed shares hold significant value, representing untapped ownership stakes in a leading conglomerate  which is worth over ₹15,000 Crores.

FAQ's about Unclaimed Shares of Reliance Industries Limited

Q.1 How are Reliance Industries Shares transferred to IEPF ?

Before transferring the shares and dividends to IEPF it is mandatory for Reliance Industries Ltd. to try to reach out to the shareholder through sending notices on last registered address of the shareholder and the company even publishes notifications in newspapers. If the share holder does not claim the shares or dividends for consecutives  7 years, then it is mandatory for Reliance Industries Ltd. to transfer the unclaimed shares and dividends to IEPF.

Simply, if the share holder is unresponsive to all communication attempts made by Reliance Industries Ltd. regarding the unclaimed shares and dividends for a period of 7 years then, the holdings are transferred to Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF) Authority.

Q.2 How can I know if I have any shares of Reliance Industries Ltd. ?

If you are holding shares in physical form, you will have received certificates from Reliance Industries Limited, these certificates will list the number of shares you own and other relevant information. If you are holding shares in a demat account, then you can access your accounts online statement to confirm your holdings.

In case if you have lost the above details and are unable to confirm the holdings you can connect with RECOVERSY and we can assist you in finding the holdings only with the help of your name.

Q.3 How can I verify my holdings of Reliance Industries Ltd. ?

  • You can confirm about holdings of Reliance Industries Ltd. shares by:

1. Through the website of Registrar and Transfer Agent( RTA ) : 

  • Step – 1 : Visit the Search portal of KFin Technologies Ltd.
  • Step – 2 : Select “Reliance Industries Ltd.” in the company field.
  • Step – 3 : Now select the type of your holdings (“Physical” if you have physical share certificates. )
  • Step – 4 :  Enter your Folio Number. 
  • Step – 5 :  Fill the Security Captcha and click on Submit.

2. Contact the Registrar of Reliance Industries Ltd. :

  • Address : KFin Technologies Ltd., Karvy Selenium, Tower-B, Plot No. 31 & 32, Financial district, Nanakramguda, Serilingamapally Mandal, Hyderabad, Telangana – 500032.
  • Telephone : 040 – 67161500 / 18003454001
  • Email : [email protected]
  • Website : https://karisma.kfintech.com

3. Contact Nodal Officer :

  • Designation : Nodal Officer
  •  Name : Smt. Savithri Parekh 
  • Address : 3rd Floor, Makers Chamber IV, 222, Nariman Point, Mumbai – 400021
  • Email :[email protected] 
  • Designation : Deputy Nodal Officer 
  • Name : Shri Vivin Mally 
  • Address : 3rd Floor, Makers Chamber IV, 222, Nariman Point, Mumbai – 400021
  • Email : [email protected]

In case if you have lost the above details or do not have the Folio Number or any other relevant details and are unable to confirm the holdings you can connect with RECOVERSY and we can assist you in finding the holdings only with the help of your name.

Q.4 Why Reliance Industries Ltd. shares are debited from my demat account?

Under the Companies Act 2013, The Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF ) Authority was established as per principal rules of 2016 which states that any shared holding held in any company if a shareholder does not claim the dividends for 7 consecutive years the respective holdings and its corresponding dividends are to be transferred to the government fund called the IEPF Authority.

As per the above rules, if your demat account does not have an active and operational bank account linked, the corresponding dividends issued by the company would not have been credited to your bank account and thus marked as unclaimed. Over the period of time this holdings being unclaimed lead to the transfer of corresponding shares as well to the IEPF Authority.

Recently, Reliance Industries Ltd. underwent a demerger, separating its financial services company “Reliance Strategic Investments Limited (RSIL)”, into a new entity named to “Jio Financial Services Limited (JFSL)”. So if you held RIL shares on the record date of 20th July 2023 you would have received one share of JSFL for every RIL share you owned. As a result, any shares of Reliance Industries Ltd. which were previously marked and sent to the IEPF Authority the corresponding Jio Financial Services Limited(JSFL) shares are now transferred to the IEPF Authority.

Q.5 Where to check my unclaimed dividends of Reliance Industries Limited?

You can check your unclaimed dividends of Reliance Industries Ltd. through the following steps :

  • Step – 1 : Go to the Official website of Reliance Industries Ltd.
  • Step – 2 : Navigate to Investors relation page on the website.
  • Step – 3 : Scroll to Dividends and Shares section.
  • Step – 4 : Click on “Unclaimed & Unpaid Dividends”
  • Step – 5 : Select Year and DP ID/ Client ID / Folio Number.
  • Step – 6 : Click on Submit Button. 
You can also directly check this information on the Search Portal of Recoversy website.
  • Step – 1 : Click here and open our Search Portal
  • Step – 2 : Fill your First Name and Last Name
  • Step – 3 : If you are from India then select the corresponding state, if you are from any other country select “Out of India”
  • Step – 4 : Fill the security captcha and click on Search. 
Currently, Recoversy website would show you the list of holdings ( value of holdings on date ) that are unclaimed under the search option. Due to the shear amount of data the unclaimed dividends list is not shown.
*Note that it will redirect you on to a new tab and will take a little time to load*

Q.6 How can I claim Unpaid Dividends of Reliance Industries Ltd. ?

Firstly, you need to check if the unclaimed dividends are still pending with the company or the same have been transferred to the IEPF Authority. To confirm the same you need to connect with the RTA of Reliance Industries Ltd. and quote your folio number or demat account number. They would confirm the value of unclaimed dividends if any and also the status of the unclaimed dividends.

If the unclaimed dividends are still pending with the company, you can submit a request letter along with your identification documents as well as the bank details under which the unclaimed dividends needs to be transferred. It is also suggested to update the KYC details as well as the bank account details under the respective folio for further direct transfer of dividends.

If the unclaimed dividends are transferred to the IEPF Authority then you need to follow the following steps to claim them – 

  • Step – 1 : Access the IEPF – 5 form on the MCA portal of the IEPF website
  • Step – 2 : Fill out the form carefully , following the instructions provided
  • Step – 3 : Submit the form as a scanned PDF and note down the generated “Submit Request Number” ( SRN ) for tracking purposes.
  • Step – 4 : Print a copy of the completed form and the acknowledgement
  • Step – 5 : Prepare an indemnity bond, copy of the acknowledgement, self-attested copy of the IEPF form, Aadhaar details – that is linked to your bank account and shares certificates ( if held in physical form ).
  • Step – 6 : Send all these documents to the Nodal Officer ( IEPF ) of Reliance Industries at their registered office in an envelop marked “Claim for Refund from IEPF Authority”
Or you can contact us and we will help you out in carrying out this procedure on your behalf. We can help you in the entire process or also provide you with assistance in filling the IEPF-5 form.