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Search your unclaimed investments
  • Free search
  • Data of unclaimed investments since 1950's
  • No Folio nos required
  • Search with only name and state

Filing Assistance

IEPF - 5 Form filing assistance
  • Value of unclaimed investments upto Rs.3 Lac
  • Unclaimed dividends covered
  • Instruction kit included
  • No legal expenses covered

End to End Process

All covered investment recovery
  • Search of all unclaimed investments covered
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • All legal expenses covered*
  • Only basic documents and signatures needed

Pricing FAQ

Get answers to all your questions related to our pricing

What is covered in filing assistance?

Under the filing plan, Recoversy will arrange for the filed IEPF form – 5, indemnity bond, advance receipt, and Acknowledgment. The filed documents will be sent over email along with an instruction kit with the next steps and contact details of the concerned person. Do note, Recoversy will only be responsible for filing of the IEPF – 5 form and will not be responsible for recovery guarantee under this plan.

What is covered in End to End Process?

In the end-to-end process plan, all the communication, documentation, filing is covered. The Recovery team will arrange for all the documents, newspaper advertisements, etc required for successful claiming of the investments. Although, under the case of succession or transmission, succession certificate, letter of administration or probate of will is to be provided from customer’s end.

What documents are needed from my end?

under the IEPF Form – 5 filing assistance plan the following documents are required for a successful claim – 

  • Aadhaar card / Passport of the shareholder
  • PAN card copy of the shareholder
  • CML copy of the demat account of the shareholder
  • Canceled cheque of the bank a/c linked with demat a/c
  • Investment proof ( share certificate copy/transaction statement)

What legal expenses are not covered?

We make sure that we take care of everything and the only thing we trouble you with is your signatures. Although, there are some documents which we just cannot cover under our scope –

  • Claim after the death of a single holder
    • Succession certificate
    • Letter of Administration
    • Probate of Will

What if a resubmission request is raised?

If in any case a resubmission request is received, we would cover the resubmission filing and no additional fee would be charged.

What if I am unaware of my investments?

Need not worry, we at Recovery are expert finders. Also, we provide with a free search facility for unclaimed investments without the need for any folio nos or company names.

What will be included in the instruction kit?

The instruction kit is an all information document with the next steps needed from your end after the filed forms are provided. It included step by step guide to be followed for claiming the shares and dividends from IEPF Authority. It would also include the contact details of the concerned person at the company and RTA.

What will your fee be?

Contrary to the market, we charge a success fee depending on the complexity of the case and the documents available and not a fee which is usually an absurd amount. Once we understand, what we are dealing with we would quote you a fee which would be inclusive of all expenses. 

Is their a money back guarantee?

Yes, there is! All plans by Recoversy come with a money-back guarantee. For investment details, if you are unable to confirm your holdings after payment of the fee we would refund you the complete fee. Under form filing assistance, if we are unable to file the claim within 15 days of the documents received from your end we would refund you the complete fee. For end-to-end process, we charge a success fee only when the investments are recovered.