Unclaimed Shares of Britannia Industries Ltd.

Britannia Industries Ltd., a titan in the Indian food industry, boasts a 100-year legacy and rakes in over Rs. 9000 Crore annually. A household name across India, Britannia is synonymous with trust and quality food production. Their products are staples in kitchens nationwide.

Britannia’s expansive portfolio goes beyond just biscuits. They also bake breads and cakes, offer rusks for dipping, and have expanded into dairy products including cheese, milk, beverages, and yogurt.

The company’s roots trace back to 1892, when a British businessman started operations in a small Kolkata house. The Gupta brothers later acquired the enterprise and ran it under the name V.S. Brothers. In 1918, a partnership with C.H. Holmes, another English businessman from Kolkata, led to the official launch of The Britannia Biscuit Company Limited (BBCo).


Company Details

Registered NameBritannia Industries Limited
CIN NumberL15412WB1918PLC002964
ISIN NumberINE21GA01030
BSE Code500825
Registered Office5/1 A Hungerford Street, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700017
Registrar DetailsKfin Technologies Ltd, Karvy Selenium Tower B, Plot 31-32, Gachibowli, Finance District, Nanakramguda, Hyedrabad, Telangana, 500032

Dividend History of Britannia Industries Ltd.

Ex Dividend Date Dividend Type Dividend %Dividend ₹
23-07-2003 Final10010.00


Britannia Industries Ltd. has consistently demonstrated its commitment to shareholder value by generously rewarding investors. Exemplified by the issuance of bonuses on six occasions. It is a testament to the company’s robust financial performance and dedication to fostering mutual prosperity.

Ex - Bonus DateBonus
26-04-19832 Shares per 5 SharesHeld
23-06-19872 Shares per 5 SharesHeld
03-01-19901 Share per 2 SharesHeld
12-10-19991 Share per 2 SharesHeld
23-08-20191 Share per 1 ShareHeld
27-05-20211 Share per 1 ShareHeld


Britannia Industries Ltd. has displayed investor-friendly initiatives by implementing a stock split once. Reflecting the company’s commitment to enhancing shareholder liquidity and accessibility. This strategic move underscores the efforts to align with market dynamics and facilitate broader investor participation in its growth trajectory.

Ex - Split DateOld FVNew FV

Mergers & Amalgamations

Britannia Industries Ltd. is on the offensive, expanding its reach through acquisitions and joint ventures. While traditional mergers haven’t been a focus recently, Britannia’s other deals are still significant. For instance, in November 2022, they teamed up with Bel Group, a French cheese giant, to bring high-quality cheese products to India. This partnership allows Britannia to benefit from Bel’s cheesemaking expertise and bolster their dairy offerings. Additionally, Britannia recently took a controlling stake in Kenafric Biscuits, a Kenyan company. This move strengthens their presence in the African market. These strategic alliances position Britannia for exciting future growth.

Physical Shares of Britannia Industries Ltd. (Non - Demat)

The financial world has gone digital, but a surprising number of investors cling to physical stock certificates. These tangible pieces of paper are cherished symbols of ownership, even though they require manual transactions and physical record-keeping. This section dives into the details of these physical shares, including ownership records, based on March 2023 data. Further exploration could analyze trends and motivations behind the persistence of physical shares in a digital age.

Number of Share Holders2,60,199
Percent of Physical Shares1.71 %

Unclaimed Shares and Dividends of Britannia Industries Ltd.

The Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF), established by the Indian government, furthermore aims to safeguard the interests of investors and ensure the proper utilization of unclaimed dividends, matured deposits, and other funds lying with companies for a specified period. In essence, it acts as a safety net for investors by receiving these unclaimed or unpaid dues. The IEPF then holds these funds until and unless rightful claimants come forward.

Exhibiting financial prudence by transferring a substantial sum of unclaimed dividends, amounting to  ₹39.08 Crores, to the Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF) by March 31, 2023. This responsible action ensures the protection of shareholder interests and compliance with regulatory guidelines for unclaimed financial assets.

The unclaimed shares hold significant value, representing untapped ownership stakes in a leading conglomerate  which is worth over ₹1006 Crores.

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FAQ'S about unclaimed shares of Britannia Industries Ltd.

Q.1 How are Britannia Industries Ltd. Shares Transferred to IEPF ?

Before transferring the shares and dividends to IEPF it is mandatory for Britannia Industries Ltd. to try to reach out to the shareholders through sending notices on last registered address of the shareholder and the company even publishes notifications in newspapers. If the shareholder does not claim the shares or dividends for consecutive 7 years, then it is mandatory for Britannia Industries Ltd. to transfer the unclaimed shares and dividends to IEPF. 

Simply, if the share holder is unresponsive to all communication attempts made by Britannia Industries Ltd. regarding the unclaimed dividends and shares for a period of 7 years the holdings are transferred to the Investor Education and Protection fund Authority.

Q2. How can I know if I have any shares of Britannia Industries Ltd. ?

If you are holding shares in physical form, you will have received certificates from Britannia Industries Ltd., these certificates will list the number of shares you own and other relevant information. If you are holding shares in a demat account, then you can access your accounts online statement to confirm your holdings. 
In an case if you have lost the above details and are unable to confirm the holdings you can connect with RECOVERSY  and we can assist you in finding the holdings only with the help of your name

Q3. How can I verify my holdings of Britannia Industries Ltd.?

You can confirm about your holdings of Britannia Industries Ltd. Shares by : 

1. Through the website of Registrar and Transfer Agent :
  • Step – 1 : Visit the search portal of KFin Technologies Ltd. 
  • Step – 2 : Select “Britannia Industries Ltd.” in the Company Field.
  • Step – 3 : Now select the type of shares to Physical (if you have physical shares)
  • Step – 4 : Enter your FOLIO number.
  • Step – 5 : Enter the Security CAPTCHA and click on Submit.
2. Contact the Registrar of Britannia Industries Ltd. : 
  • Address : KFin Technologies Ltd, Karvy Selenium, Tower- B, Plot No. 31 & 32, Financial district, Nanakramguda, Serilingampally Mandal,Hyderabad,Telangana,500032
  • Telephone : 040 – 67161500 / 18003454001
  • Email : [email protected]
  • Website : https://karisma.kfintech.com/
 3. Contact the Nodal Officer : 
  • Designation : Nodal Officer 
  • Name : Mr. T. V. Thulsidass 
  • Address : Britannia Industries Limited, Prestige Shantiniketan, The Business Precinct, Tower C, 16th & 17th Floor, Whitefield Main Road, Mahadevpura Post, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560048.
  • Email : [email protected]
In an case if you have lost the above details or do not have the folio number or any other relevant details and are unable to confirm the holdings you can connect with RECOVERSY  and we can assist you in finding the holdings only with the help of your name.

Q4. Where to check my unclaimed dividends of Britannia Industries Ltd. ?

You can check your unclaimed dividends of Britannia Industries Ltd. through the following steps : 

  • Step – 1 : Click here and open our seach portal
  • Step – 2 : Fill your First Name and Last Name
  • Step – 3 : If you are from India then select the corresponding state , If you are from any other country select “Out of India”
  • Step – 4 : Fill the security captcha and click on Search

* Note that it will redirect you on to a new tab and will take a little time to load*

Currently, Recoversy website would show you the list of holdings (value of holdings on date) that are unclaimed under the search option. Due to the shear amount of data the unclaimed dividends list is not shown.

Q.5 How can I claim unpaid dividends of Britannia Industries Ltd. ?

Firstly, you need to check if the unclaimed dividends are still pending with the company or the same have been transferred to the IEPF Authority. To confirm the same you need to connect with the RTA of Britannia Industries Ltd. and quote your folio number or demat account number. They would confirm the value of unclaimed dividends if any and also the status of the unclaimed dividends.

If the unclaimed dividends are still pending with the company, you can submit a request letter along with your identification documents as well as the bank details under which the unclaimed dividends needs to be transferred. It is also suggested to update the KYC details as well as the bank details under the respective folio for further direct transfer of dividends.

If the unclaimed dividends are transferred to the IEPF Authority then you need to follow the following steps to claim them – 

  • Step – 1 : Access the IEPF – 5 form on the MCA portal of the IEPF website 
  • Step – 2 : Fill out the form carefully, following the instruction provided
  • Step – 3 : Submit the form as a scanned PDF and note down the generated ” Submit Request Number ” (SRN) for tracking purposes
  • Step – 4 :  Print a copy of the completed form and the acknowledgement 
  • Step – 5 : Prepare an indemnity bond, copy of acknowledgement, self attested copy of IEPF form, Aadhaar details – that is linked to your bank account and share certificates ( if shares are held in physical form ).
  • Step – 6 : Send all these documents to the Nodal Officer ( IEPF ) of Britannia Industries Ltd. at their registered office in an envelop marked “Claim for Refund from IEPF Authority ” 
Or you can simply contact us and we will help you out in carrying out this procedure on your behalf. We can also help you out in the entire process or also provide assistance in filling the IEPF – 5 form.

For any other queries you can connect with us through Email on [email protected] or even Call us on 7020576005